How Our Sessions Target Stress Relief


Research shows that one in five people in the UK suffer with work related stress. Half a million people also admitted that it has caused them to become unwell.  Cheiue Cao, CMO and co-founder of Perkbox, stated “It's worrying to see how few businesses seem to be considering stress levels within their workforce their problem. And it is particularly ironic to see that almost one in two workers within the healthcare industry say their bosses do not do offer anything to help them alleviate stress levels.”


The Studio Session strives to help with these issues. Art activities are one of the most effective methods of stress relief. Studies prove that after just 45 minutes of creative activity, stress is significantly reduced in the body. In Verywell Mind article, wellness coach Elizabeth Scott, discusses a study which ‘…divided slightly stressed subjects into two groups and found that creating a picture (rather than simply looking at and sorting famous pieces of art) relieved anxiety and decreased negative mood.’

Although this may be the case, sometimes the idea of an ‘art workshop’ can be daunting. This is why The Studio Session does not identify as a painting lesson as such, but rather a completely transparent environment where you follow your own creative drive. Scott comments ‘When it comes to stress management, the end product doesn’t really matter; it’s the process of creating a piece of art that counts.’


In Female First article, psychologist Honey Langcaster-James, discusses the impact creativity can have on your productivity.

“Having some form of creative outlet is so important for self-expression, stress relief and overall wellbeing. Taking some time out to be creative simply for creativity’s sake can lead to greater productivity in your work, even if you’re not in a typically creative field. This is because it can help you maintain cognitive clarity and optimal wellbeing which help you in all aspects of your life.”

This is not a class where we are expecting a masterpiece or an exact copy of an artists work. It is an opportunity to experiment and delve into something away from the intensity that city life can bring. You will take away your own piece of art at the end of the session which will hopefully continue to inspire you.

So come and see for yourselves! For more information, bookings or enquiries please contact: