Introducing: The Studio Session

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The Studio Session is a painting workshop launched and founded by artist, Sophie Tea. The session is a stimulating space created for you to meet your inner artist, our aim is to share the benefits which creativity can achieve. It is not a strict painting lesson but rather a fun, relaxed and transparent environment where you are encouraged to follow your own creative compulsions - with a little help from a glass (or bottle) of wine!

The session is 3 hours long, ran by an experienced artist and includes a step by step process of creating an iconic Sophie Tea Animal Painting of your choice. All necessary supplies are included as well as alcohol and snacks, all you need to bring is yourself.

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After just 45 minutes of creative activity, researchers found that stress was significantly reduced in the body. Often the pressure of work, family and everything that comes with it takes it’s toll and naturally this can affect a person’s productivity and ability.

The Studio Session strives to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Not only will you feel the benefits of what creativity can achieve, you will also have created your own masterpiece to take home at the end of it. The biggest worry you’ll face in one of our sessions is mixing your paintbrush in your drink or drinking your paint water!

The session will be ran by an experienced artist who will teach you the basics of how to create your animal painting. Colour mixing, paintbrush techniques and blending is something they will focus on.


The venue can be ran in a central location or at your office/space if you’d prefer.

It is perfect for Team Building days, Private Parties, Christmas Parties etc. Let us know what dates you have and we will do our best to get you booked in.

For more information, please contact: